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49ers Week Two Recap



Lions @ 49ers

Is anyone else tired of hearing about “the handshake”? It’s a bit ridiculous that two of the top teams in the NFC are going head to head on Sunday Night Football, and all the announcers talked about was Jim Harbaugh showing his enthusiasm for starting the season 6-0 en route to his NFL Coach of the Year award, albeit in his rookie season. So let’s get over that and get down to the real deal.

It’s hard to miss that the ‘9ers are a top 3 in football this year, with the exception being the Texans and the Ravens. I’m excited to see what the Texans can showcase when they’re not facing the Jaguars or the Dolphins, (although Tannehill and Gabbert are future hall-of-famers) I think they need to prove themselves a bit more. I’m also always frightened to see that Ravens defense, and it doesn’t help that Jimmy’s big bro is on the other sidelines.

Let’s face it though, San Fran is the best team in the NFC by far. They have the sickest run defense in the game, even when they only keep 5 in the box. Basically this allows them to roam their safeties over top every play and just ball hawk anyone that tries to throw it deep. Next Sunday watch any throw that goes over 20 yards, and you’ll see THREE defenders there to make the tackle and pop the ball out. It’s an insanely sound defense anchored by Justin Smith and Patrick Willis. 4 All pros and 7 pro bowlers, last year alone, make it pretty easy to compete in every game. Throw in 8 first round picks on the offensive side of the ball, and the best hands receiver of all time (crabtree) and you’ve got the formula for a championship…. Did I mention we also have the best kicker in the game?

Look out New England, there’s a new dynasty in town.


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