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Sharks Chomping their way past Vancouver


Who cares that I know almost nothing about hockey? There’s something about the playoffs for anything that make you really excited. For instance look no further than the World’s biggest sports spectacle, The World Cup. Every four years Americans dedicate a month and a half to live, breath, and speak only about their country’s fifth most popular sport. It’s not because everyone loves soccer, or even that we have a decent shot at winning. The reason we as sports fans choose to pledge ourĀ allegianceĀ to the USMNT is because no matter what the odds are, we are in the post-season, where anything can happen. Last year the 8th seeded L.A. Kings won it all. In ’04 the Red Sox came back from 0-3 against the Yankees to win the ALCS, and also the World Series. It’s these moments that make the playoffs of any sport more exciting.

Coming into this match-up, all I could think of was a couple of years ago when the Sedin brothers demolished us. However, that thought quickly left my mind as I saw the demolition that we showed in Vancouver. The Sharks, led by Thornton and Couture have looked, at times, like one of the best teams in the NHL. When you watch them play you don’t say “they are the most talented team” or “man, they definitely are the odds on favorite… But who cares?! When the Giants and David Tyree made a miraculous comeback to stop the Patriots from going 19-0 were people talking about the talent level on their team? Or when the A’s made the playoffs last year coming out of the AL West, did the Baseball world say that they made it based on the number of guys with big contracts? No – The Sharks aren’t the best team in the league, but they do have that Gritty factor to them. They either could of gotten bounced in the first round, or win the Stanley Cup. Nobody knows and that’s what makes it so exciting!

Tonight we’ve got an opportunity to sweep, and more importantly, rest our legs before we face the Blues/Wings. It’s going to be a long March, but isn’t that what it’s all about?