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UFC 152 – Title Fight Night

Tonight is the night. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, UFC 152! Which surprisingly comes right after UFC 150. The mix martial arts world was turned upside down last month, when UFC president Dana White was forced to cancel a card for the first time in the history of this professional sport. Although a lot of the blame lands on Jones, who backed out of a potential fight with 8 days notice, many confused eyes rest on White who couldn’t pull off the card considering the other fights should have been undercard at best (For some reason I feel Ellenberger is past his prime; and I think Kampmann’s knee a couple months ago would agree).

But I digress.

Tonight, Jon Jones will put on another clinic showing the rest of the MMA world that the young guns coming up are actual Mixed Martial Artists, not just wrestlers that can box, or kick boxers that can secure a triangle choke. It strikes me as crazy that Jones will go down as one of the best fighters in the history of the sport considering how unpolished he looks in some of his fights. However, the guys coming into the sport in the next 5-10 years will be on the same playing field and we will see the evolution MMA in the next generation.

With that being said, the most exciting fight of the night will have to be Brian Stann vs. Michael Bisping. Stann is definitely one of my favorite fighters, considering hisĀ back story, and tonight he’ll get his first real test of 2012 fighting the king of gatekeepers, Bisping. We’ll see what the flow of the fight holds, but if Bisping tries to stand with Stann, he better get ready for a whooping, as Stann can throw with the best of them.