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Movie Dissertation


Who doesn’t love movies?!


I feel I am a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to newer movies (post 2005). I’ve had the luxury of seeing a good portion of Netflix since my collegiate years, and always find a reason to head out to a theater a few times a month. My posts will not reflect “the subtlety of emotion an actress possesses” or “the feeling a director portrayed through a scene”. Instead I will reference how the average American liked a movie, and is a good resource to go to before dropping $15 on a ticket.


To me, whether or not you’re in the comfort of your own home, at a drive-in, or in a comfy stadium seating chair with popcorn and a Pepsi, there is just something awesome about going on a two hour ride, and then coming back to reality and walking away with a new thought on life. Movies have the ability to transform, and there have been a few in particular that shape the way we live our lives. I would of never played football in school if it weren’t for Remember the Titans. I wouldn’t of been a He-Man Woman Hater without Spanky and the Little Rascals. Or I’d have a lot less quotable of a life with Anchorman.


Again the purpose of my reviews is for you to get an idea of a movie without spending time and money on something terrible. I use a rating system for my own preferences, so for your reference:


Best: See it in theaters

Good: $2 theater

Ehhhhh: Redbox

Turrible: Don’t bother


Hopefully this saves you from a few bad movies, and will give you a back a few hours of your life!


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